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Hello Again!

Published July 30, 2010 by Maya

Well,last time i posted was back in June when I was Nine. Now I am 10 and I am going to improve on this blog. I will now post regually,and try to keep up with all the cheats and new stuff!

Well Heres most things you need to know thats happened since my last post!

Make Up.

2 new Brands.

One is Only Avalable if you are Swedish,But to get them all in your dressing room click here.

The Other one Is called LUXE and it is a brand of Sparkling makeup (literlally)

I only see the point on bying the  Clear eyeshadow,and putting DOT on top,its much cheaper!!!

4 new Shops!

The shops are…

PPQ,Cats and dogs,Killah And there is a new Collection of Antidote also.

The shop Cats and dogs is only avalable for people from the UK,but if your not use a proxy such as There is a free cat OR dog amoungst the Items.

There is a tad more stuff,but I have ran out of time for now.


New Banner coming soon And News

Published July 23, 2010 by jennifermae

Hey Guys!!

I will have a new Banner coming soon once my tablet starts to work again! Hehe 🙂

Okay so some news Now, I have recently been looking round the starplaza to see if there are some new things going on and I have noticed how many cute French clothes are in the starplaza at the moment!! If you look there are T-shirts with pictures of the eiffel tower and they say “Bonjour” etc.

I think it is uch a cute range, tell us what you think in the comments below

Also I was reading TSi, and I saw that there is a new store coming out called jcp Teen, I think this is an awesome store with such cute clothes with a Vintage touch about them!! What makes the store even better, is that most of the clothes are for Non-SS too!! 😀

What do you think about JCP TEEN? Leave a comment in the Box Below!!(:

Also Looking in the Starplaza, the store “Splendid”, has moved from Star Beauty to Star Fashion! Why do you think it has moved from one catagory to another? I peronally think the store was doing So well they wanted to move it!

Why do you think the Store has moved or do you think it’s a glitch? Leave a comment Below!! 😀

I also noticed the the “Tingling” logo has changed to a Twilight looking theme, I think it’s really cool and I think it goes with the theme of the shop “Fancy Dress”

What do you think of the new logo? Leave a comment below!

– Amy xoxo / GuitarGirl6000

P.S:: I am running for CG this summer, so it would be really kind if you could stop by and give me your Vote! 😀

So so so incredibly Sorry!!

Published July 14, 2010 by jennifermae


Hey Guys,

I have not been writing for aaaaages and you must be wondering where I have gone, to be honest, I have been just so busy with so much school stuff.

Anywho, I am tired of the negativity for the new Stardoll make-over! I think it is truly amazing! I love the layout, I love that change and how we have to figure things out again, I love the discoveries etc!!

What do you think of the new layout! Please don’t say “Hate it. ” give us reasons! (e.g:: “I don’t like it because the old layout was easier to use and things were easy to find)


Anyway, I think the new hotbuys Collection for this years July is Killer! I love everything so much, the Sandals are amazing!!

Okay so this next bit is for Brigitte, who runs this blog, so I was thinking i should start a Fashion advice column on this blog, so that if people have a Fashion Crisis they can write into me (Guitargirl6000) and I will post it on the blog with my Solution!! (Brigi_Brigitte please write back also if you like this idea please comment and tell me your views!)

So I hope you are enjoying stardoll at the moment, Later on I am going to check if the Club cheat still works. (Don’t know what this is? On this old layout, if you joined a random club all the clubs you owned and joined disapeared, then click on create a club a you could make a ne club, when you had finished creating it all your clubs came back with the new club you made!!)

Love you,

– Amy xoxo

Yes it does work

Published July 14, 2010 by jennifermae

Hey Girls and possibly Boys!!

Amy here with some Great news!

I was just admiring my last post (I have to admit, they are admirable, even if I do say so myself) 😛 and I said to myself,

“Hey! Let’s have a look at the clubs page and see if the cheat still works!”

And guess what….IT DOES!

Just follow the simple steps on my last Post!

– Amy xoxo / GuiutarGirl6000

P.S:: I am running for CG all summer, so make sure you cast your vote!! 😛

New Stardoll Make-Over Spoiler!

Published July 2, 2010 by grapejoosx3

Hi guys!

I’m sorry I’ve not been posting in AGES but I’ve just been too busy, I’m really sorry. I won’t be posting as often anymore as the school holidays have arrived and I will be going to London for about 3 weeks.

Anyways, here’s the spoiler for the new stardoll make-over!

Credit to the stardoll exclusives

xx, Grapey.