Hey guys:) I decided to make this page because a lot of people are trading today and they call some freebie clothes ‘rares’. Well, I will help you superstar to find out which is rare and which is…not.


The studded motorcycle jacket. It’s LE, that means it’s very rare. Of course, every LE or Antidote piece is rare, but I will write just about a few, which were expensive and really HARD to find in people’s suite. Rare Rate: 5/5


It’s inspired by Balmain and it’s really hot and sexy. I totally love it! Rare? hmmm, let’s say 4/5.


It’s inspired by Balmain and it’s really beautiful. And rare, of course, because could get the dress only by a message. Rare Rate: 5/5


This bag is created by Hermes (Paris) and it’s a part of the RC Ashely Olsen’s suite. It’s not so cool, but it’s rare. Rare Rate: 5/5


The bolero was part of the first season of LE and it was sold in only 200 pieces with the price of 150! It’s not so rare, because it was in the shops for the first ‘collectors’. Rare Rate: 3/5


The dress is from the last season of LE and you could get it only by message. It’s inspired by Chanel and it’s not so rare, because a lot of people got the message. Rare Rate: 4/5


The dress was a giveaway for the winner of an old comp, so it’s really rare(only 20 or 30 pieces!). It’s not so special and it’s not made by a famous designer, but those stars are gorgeous! And it’s rare, of course! Rare Rate: 5/5


This dress is again from Ashley Olsen’s wardrobe and it’s kinda boring. And simple. And it looks like a dress from Stardoll worth 5sd. But it worth like 200! Because it’s an Olsen rare! But I won’t give 200 for a plain dress. Rare Rate: 5/5 Beauty Rate:0,000/5


It was a gift gave for people in USA who bought Superstar Association. Is the last of well-made Voile Giveaways and the harder to find in StarBazaar, together with the 1st one. (thnx StardollDesires) Rare Rate: 5/5


It was a prize for Paulina Porizkova competition, and that’s why it is so rare. Only a few people got Paulina’s clothes, since the only way to get them is winning a competition or beeing manager of AskPaulinaGirls club. RARE RATE: 5/5


The item is part of the 1st season of the Real Brand DKNY, is today one of the most wanted dresses. But the cheapest of a whole super-rare team of old DKNYs. Rare Rate: 5/5


It was part of LE Limited Edition second collection. It was one of the most wanted items and most expansive. Since we can sell the second season of LE it’s still a most wanted item. There was only 350 of it. Rare Rate: 4/5



91 comments on “Rares!

    • Why would a plain dress be bad? Ever heard of a “LBD”? It means little black dress. Yeah, plain dresses are an essential in a girl’s wardrobe.

  • ah i love that Balmain bandage dress..id sell my mammy to get my hands on it ๐Ÿ™‚ also in love with the voile gift dress………so dreamy………

  • SO AWESOME! yeah, i have some stuff and i need to know how rare it is! Please rate, how rare these items are please

    Limited Edition side ruffel scuba dress (i just sold it)
    MKA boots
    DKNY MAry JAnes w/ Crystals
    Big black wool scarf
    Antidote dress w/ plastic flowers
    St. Tritans eco girl jacket

  • Hi i was wondering if there was such thing as LE or DKNY cheats??like ways to get them for free u can tell me if there is such thing on my stardoll accout my name is lovercat48! thanks!!

  • Oh mi gosh!!! I remember when like all of these came out! I had another account on stardoll but i forgot all about it and it got deleted :[

  • If anyone has the LE cupid dress I will buy it 500sd and another 500sd ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have it contact me in my stardoll account or here and my stardoll account on stardoll is stardollsatara thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If any one has a migliukee dress.. Or anything from the migliukee shop (I know the real designer is paper fashion) could you contact me please? Cimmystar on stardoll

  • Never seen tha The studded motorcycle jacket in anyones suite? But i was on when they aere all released xD Annoyed though coz i forgoin about stardoll for a few years :O Would of had alot of rares ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  • I have a poppy dress and motorcycle jacket. Visit my suite : Danika_19.
    Too see my rare Dkny +hot buys +Antidote: Beach Villa
    My rare Le accessories + Jackets + Skirts + Shirts= Dressing room, extra rooms
    Super rare Le dresses= Gothic room, Extra rooms

  • I have the LE ripped miniskirt, ANTIDOTE studded olive fringe heels, DKNY seasonless miniskirt, DKNY printed Dress, COUTURE frock, Old IT Girls, old Bonjour Bizou and some HOTBUYS! Is that rare? I hope so, lol ๐Ÿ˜€ my sd name is: evilpickles

  • Who wants rich clothes i got a blogspot i won’t tell you just tell me your account and even im a superstar i know the employee code not liar if you think i don’t then i won’t give you

  • i know the employee code gimme your account and i will do it for you and also i am a superstar and i know the trick to do it for non-superstars and superstars it’s easy i won’t tell you i got blog but untill you give me your account then you can have go on my blog and i can do the employee code for you

  • if you wanna see someone with DDD i’ve got it. I found it like 4 yrs ago. I searched for it for like 3 months and then i found it. U’ve got no idea how lucky I was!: )
    also I’ve got almost all items from DKNY 1st & 2nd collection, old hot buys and Mary Kate and Ash clothes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • so if u wanna see all my rares go to my account – werkinik ; )
    and just be envy!: P
    & I’ve got big collection of old Hot Buys in my storange. : ]

  • Gave so many rares away back in the day when I was such a noob. I think I sold my DKNY glitter tank top for about 10 stardollars. Crazy fool!

  • who want to know employee code email me and gimme ur account and in ur account it will say here is the employee code and u have to write ur account if not believe me then ok fine u won’t get i im asuperstar and royalty i got loads of stuff visit my room EssRox and check what u like if u like it then email me ur account at hon1441@hotmail.co.uk

  • I like the bandage dress!!!It is true fashion in my opinion!I also love the jkt.And,y’know,I believe tht a simple dress is an essential,but 200 sd are totally not worth it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • IS the DKNY broken dress still rare?
    I also have tweed jacket, all over sequin tank, paisley dress, rose print dress and some of the second collection from LE.

    My account is DKNY_Trades if anyone wants to look

    P.S – Does anyone know what the number bar thing is on the bottom of the LE clothes label? I know its to show their authenticity but what do the numbers mean?

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