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Possible YH Spoilers?

Published July 8, 2012 by icanglow

This are some spoilers I found that according to USD, They could be YH 🙂


*** The copyright on them is my blog but TSB has full rights to them.




Jewerly Spoilers

Published July 4, 2012 by icanglow

Here are some Jewerly spoilers


Do you like any? ;D

Also I’ve started a kind of graphic portfolio, Please check it out by clicking http://icanglowsuitcase.blogspot.com/

If you can give me some pointers, critisium, tips on my graphic that would be great 🙂

Im also looking for Models so… Check it out ;D




New tribute store!

Published June 25, 2012 by icanglow

I found the spoiler of a new tribute store coming to stardoll in the nexxt few days 🙂



I have a swim meet in an hour so i’ll post some works of Jean Paul in RL tomorrow morning 🙂