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Happy New Year+Party!

Published December 31, 2009 by stardolz0awezum0newz

Happy New Year from TSB!

2009 has been a HUGE year! From the first African-American president of America, to a girl being found after having been kidnaped for 11 years. From the death of the “King of Pop” to the war in Iraq. Our world has been through much this year.

“A day that will live in infamy” -FDR

Happy new year and goodbye to 2009! I hope this year is great for everyone! GO 2010!!!


PARTY!!!!!!!!! (Sorry for the late notice) There is going to be a party in Alice_bobalice’s guestbook(my guestbook) today (December 31st) all day long and into January 1st.

Dresscode: *Sparkly!*


-best dressed

-how many?(explained later!)

-best make-up

-best accesory

-best non-ss medoll of the year

-best ss medoll of the year

-Many more! I’ll think of later!

Please come and have fun! Oh, and later TSB will have a meeting!


-Alice_bobalice ❤


How do you….

Published December 30, 2009 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

LOOK? Yeah, funny question, no? But I was always wondering how the Stardoll users look like! At this post, everybody will make-up they medoll to look like them! So, here is mine:

Well, this is how i look in Stardoll world….

So…how do YOU look? Post the pictures in comments!
XOXO, Bridget(a.k.a brigi_brigitte)

What is in?

Published December 29, 2009 by loveshopping58


There are various hairstyles on stardoll, most that no one ever uses…

Many medolls all have diferent hairstyles. At the moment I have the side ponytail in ash blonde with brown highlights and a nice headband and key necklace. I believe that is in….

But if I had the choice, since I don’t have enough starpoints yet, I would have the long straight hair, the side high ponytail, the long side plait, the curly pigtails or the bouncy short pigtails as a hairstyle.


For eyes,definitely use fake eyelashes. They are only 3sds for non ss aswell and are in the What’s Hot list in the starplaza.

For eye- makeup, if you do have some make-up then here is what to do with it: Use half a colour for each side of your eyelids. E.G. Half green half blue like mine. The most ideal colour to do is half white. If you keep going over your eyelids with the eyeshadow colour you want, it will get darker. Also half eyeliner for top and bottom can be used.


For earrings, both big and small are in! You can use big black ones(prefferably) or you can use tiny pearls ones. Your choice. My favourite earrings at the moment are the big rectangle silver ones, I think they are 4sds for non ss too, and I also like the tiny goldish pearls and diamond silver ones. For other piercings,

Well to be honest I don’t like that huge silver one that most people use on their eyebrow. Kinda gross… But I do like the small piercing that I have on my nose. You can also use that on your lip and more.


You should use atleast two..  accesories. As I said I have the headband and the necklace and the piercing. It gives a little sparkle to your outfit… Give it a try.


I know that it is winter in the northern hemisphere(not in the  hemisphere where I live!) But you can still use short dresses and things like that. Puffy dresses are in. Sleeveless are cool.One cross sleeve looks cool and colourful dresses are okay too. Last year’s colour of the year was Saffron Yellow I wonder what this year’s is?

Shoes & Bags

Okay, BIG BIG BIG!!! Big sparkly bags are awesome, High heals are in, My favourite shoes I have are the purple lace up high heals from Philosopy, the Voile pumps. Always use big bags!

Okay I hope I helped, that is What’s In!

Please comment if you liked it.

– Love.shopping58

Can you help us?

Published December 28, 2009 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

In November, TSB had 805 views. In December, we have 737. We want to make a new record! Can you help us? What do you have to do? Tell your friends about us, comment our post! We will be very greatful! And of course, if we will reach more than 805 views, the first 2 commenters will get the next stuff:
1 comment at this post-Bang Girl of the Week

2 comment at this post: 2 nonss gifts! (i will send with my other account, I hope this isn’t a problem…)

Remember! At this post! So, let’s comment!

XOXO, Bridget