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Lights Part 4

Published June 9, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

When we met together, Josh gave me a big hug. “I’ve been waiting all my life for this day!” he shouted. “Me too!” I said.

“Where shall we go?” He asked me. “Pizza maybe?”

“Yeah, I love pizza! I replied. “But how about going to the cinema first, like we suggested? We can see the Hunger Games, it looks great!”

“Nice idea! Shall we” He said, and took my arm. I couldn’t help blushing with happiness!

We walked slowly out of the station, giving each other cute compliments, smiling, and laughing. We turned left to the town, and arrived at the cinema. I forked out my Purse, but Josh, like a gentlemen said “No, I’ll pay”, so he did. But I wouldn’t let him pay for the drinks.

More? (I’ll next post on Monday- I’m going to Alton Towers tomorrow)



Lights- Part 3

Published June 8, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

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The minutes past slowly, as I frantically checked my makeup, hair and clothes every 5 minutes.Finally, the time came and the clock said 5.30. I was ready to go.

I ran to get my scruffy jumper, shoving it over the top of my dress before shouting “Mum, I’m going to Louisa’s!” and then ran out the house to meet him at the train station. He told me his train arrived at 5.45, so I thought I’d leave a bit earlier, even though the station is only a 5 minute walk away.

I crossed the road, only just avoiding a lorry, and then walked down the long winded road to the station. Walking inside, I saw   it was eerily quiet. Maybe a train had broken down ? I don’t know.I saw lots of hot boys around. Any of them could be Joshe.

Suddenly, an announcement broke the silence. “5.45 train from Stoke arriving now at platform 4B” I looked up to directly see a sign, pointing to 4B. That was a bit of luck! Walking over,I saw a train covered in advertisements pulling into the station. I’m going to stand back a bit. Then, I won’t seem too.. eegar.  Not many people walked off the train, I saw an old man, but he was walking in a completely different direction. Then, I saw him. He looked just like he did on the webchat- Dirty blond hair, slumped in an attracted mess on his perfect head. Shocking blue eyes, shining directly at me, and then a thin, beautiful body. I shouted his name, and he ran  straight to me, shouting “Willow!!!”

When I first found Josh, I’d felt that he was slightly gay. But after talking to him, I’d seen he was most defiantly not! He said he’d had many girlfriends before, but I was the most beautiful girl! How amazing I’d felt the best I’d ever felt. I fell for him in moments, and had dreams about him, and thought about him all day and night.


– Queenmaya99

Story time- Lights

Published June 7, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

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The long hour past as I sat daydreaming throughout. All it was was listening, about how important it is to be safe, turns out that a year 7 boy, Danny Prideax chopped his thumb off last week due too ‘Being Unsafe and Silly’ while using a saw. Stupid boy.

Finally, the bell rings, and I dart off out of the classroom before Mrs Barrymore can even start to say “The bell is for me, not you”. Because, let me let you in on a secret… I have a date!

I’ve never met him before- or even seen him. Yeah, we’ve gone on Video chat on facebook, and told eachother about how we’d be the hottest couple in the UK, but never met eachother. Thats why todays such a big day. He’s getting the train down to my town straight after his school finishes today! I can’t wait to meet him! Oh, his names Josh, by the way! He’s 13, just like me, and loves Eastenders, Playing guitar, and singing!

I rush home to get ready. I put on my brand new dress that I brought from Topshop yesterday, carefully put on my makeup, do my hair, and I look like a totally different person. To top the outfit, I place my faveouit denim jacket carefully on top. I must admit, I look amazing!.

I’m not telling my Mum where I’m going. She’d get mad, its all about internet safety these days. But I’ve seen Josh on webcam, I practically know him! It will be okay! As far as she knows, I’m going to Louisa’s house to revise for a test, and then watch a movie. Thats why I need my scruffy old jumper to cover up my glam look!



Story time.

Published June 6, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

I’ve always wanted to write, therefore I am going to write a few paragraphs of a story of mine every day, for you to read, and hopefully enjoy! This will be all my own work, so please may you not copy it, or steal anything! If you enjoy it, please tell me via comments!

Its called Lights.

My nerdy friends love to suck up to teachers- especially the music teacher, Mrs. Almore. That’s  why I’m here today, at school choir, wasting my lunch time with some cheesy song that we’re learning for our end of year performance. All I can hear are these stupid nerds singing through their nose, putting passion and   exaggeration into their performance. My brains cursing my friends into making me sit through this hell.
Although I can’t say anything. I am the nerdiest, geekiest, uncoolest of the lot, according to everyone else. My hairs always in a bird’s nest on top of my head, my test papers never say lover that 95%, and I’ve always got my hand up.

My reputation is terrible.

I’ve had it since I started school, I’ve always been a quick learner. I could spell words before others could even pronounce them, and I knew 12 X 12 while others were learning 1 + 1.
I wish I could change my reputation now, because I’ve grown maturer, more stylish and I am much more social. But for someone like me, others opinions will never change.

“Willow” My friend, Louisa tapped on my shoulder. “Seriously, come on, pay attention!”
And that was the rest of my lunch time, continusly getting told off my my best mate for daydreaming, while singing about “Thanking my life”. Why should I thank my life- its so awful!
Finally, the bell rang, and I raced down to my lesson. No point though- it was DT. Why have a lesson that doesn’t involve anythinking or brain work, and just drawing and hammering nails? I can’t get one in straigh for my life- in the end I just get a teacher to do it, behind Mrs. Barrymore’s back. She hates giving people help, I asked her back in year 7, and she had a right go at me.