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Free Olympics Bike

Published July 30, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hey guys ^^

To take this bike:

First you have to Log in in Stardoll and after click here or just go to the campaign page:
when you will scroll down you just have to click on this little icon and a question will pop up:
You have to choose the 3rd answer which is ‘National Covergirl’ and click the submit button ^^
pickks thanks to HTGF ^^

Free Sunglasses and Earrings

Published July 24, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

I’ m back…

If you are from the UK, you can skip using the proxys.

To get these glasses, you need to go to a UK proxy such as . Then ,you paste this url in the proxy bar Log into your stardoll account, and then change the url to this

You will now have the glasses.

To get the earrings , you need to go here

It will take you too an argos site (UK shop)

Go back to stardoll via the proxy, and log our! You don’t want any one to be taking your account deitails!

Pictures thanks to Underneath Stardoll


– Queenmaya99


Free American Girl Leotard

Published June 27, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hey guys ;D

-If you live in USA, Log in and Visit and start watching video HERE. If you don’t live in USA then follow the steps bellow =D

First go to a proxy like OR OR OR OR I suggest you to go to the it’s faster 😉 After past this link into the blank box of the proxysite Hit enter and log in ^^ Once you logged in wait till the ”trailer” will load and watch it. When is gonna finish after 2.15 minutes I think you can go to stardoll as usual ^^ And the leotard will be at your suite =D

          Pick: How To Get Free or else HTGF 😉

Free Pretty’n’Love Red Dress

Published June 25, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hey guys ;D

If you are from Russia, Log in and Enter a contest HERE. If you are not From Russia then follow the steps bellow ^^

First go to a proxy like OR OR OR After copy this link and paste it into the blank box of the proxy site,hit enter and log in. Choose random answers for all 6 questions and click the Enter Competition Button =) You can now leave the proxy and go to stardoll as usual ^^

pick: Official Stardoll


Published May 7, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)


All pics thanks to HTGF

Go to a Polish proxy like

Then, go here using the proxy
Log into Stardoll, then do the quiz , and leave the proxy. The dress will be in your suite.


Go to this link and enter the contest
~If you are from Europe- Log in and enter a contest HERE.
If not:
1. Go to this proxy (thanks to HTGF)
Go to this link using the proxy:
Log into stardoll
Enter the competition, log out and it will be in your suite.
Go USA proxy like:
Go to this link

Log in stardoll and wait till this wishlist page loads
The doll will be in your suite.

Free 5 stardollars!

Published March 16, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

New offer from stardoll! All you need to do is to subscibe to their youtube channel, then write your name in a… box!

First, you need a youtube account. If you haven’t got one, make one here

Then, once you have an account, click here and then press the subscribe button

Once you’ve clicked subscribe, log into stardoll normally, and then paste this in your url bar

Type in your youtube user name at the box at the bottem

Then, press verify subsciption, and this should appear

The stardollars will be in your account!