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Published November 27, 2009 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

1.The new DNKY is here, but you can’t see it in the shop, just under the ‘New Section’. So, hurry and buy the stuff on sale!!&more is on page 1,3 and 4!

2.Remember the DNKY scenery and those amazing stuff? Well, you can get them as a gift, if you spend a lot(by a lot I mean 200 sd for the best gift) of stardollars. Well, this is really hard, because some people can spend only 5 per day! But it’s pretty cool!

I want the 4th dress! It looks so Viviane Tam-ish…

xoxo, Bridget

Bang Covergirl!

Published November 25, 2009 by stardolz0awezum0newz

So, every week from now on, there is going to be a Bang Covergirl!


All you have to do to be elligable for the Bang covergirl, is make an original outfit that you think is AWESOME!

If you win, A magazine-like article will be posted on this page! You will get a photo shoot of your doll, an interview, and your picture and quickfacts will be posted for the week on this page!

Interested now?

If no one enters, then I will pick someone from stardoll that I think diserves it, dress them up, and make the article about them.

Everyone who wants to enter, make your outfit, and sign the comments.



Enter right away!

this weeks contest closes: Saturday, November 28th.





-Alice_bobalice ❤

BFF item…

Published November 25, 2009 by stardolz0awezum0newz

Ok Bridget, just wanted to add a pic! Everyone, scroll down a bit and the article will be there! Here is the bag it comes in:

For a website that keeps asking for more and more $$, I think this is pretty good-looking! no? Well thats my oppinion. I wish i could keep it in my suit longer!!!!!! Dont you wish we could KEEP the bags that our things come in? like in real life? I DO! Maybe, we should start a campaign? Like everyone send messages? More on that later!



-Alice_bobalice ❤