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Hacker Alert!

Published April 22, 2012 by icanglow

Today i recieved a guestbook comment from ‘FREE-REALY”

I am 99.9999999999% sure this is just a trick to get ur pass so I went to her page a checked out her presentation.

It asked for your pass and that it only works if your a superstar, royalty or you have 500 or more starpoints.


DO NOT trust her! !!!

and if she writes this on your GB, please report her.






Published March 9, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Up on logging in you should all get this message

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD WHEN YOU GET THIS! (if you ignore it, go to change it NOW)

Also, Mette.Stardoll posted this in royalty.

If you do not understand, basically the other day, some one tried to hack in to the actuall stardoll. Luckily, they blocked thisΒ  attack, however stardoll still want us to change our PW’s.

When I was hacked stardoll sent me a message, “Oh no its not possible for anyone to gain access to stardoll” and all that. Now it is warning us that its not safe, and was nearly hacked intirely and we need to change our password

Plus, does this have anything to do with that Meld. JS thing?



Published January 20, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hello everyone πŸ™‚

Today one girl asked my pass look at the pick. In the comment I wrote you something not for her, for her I wrote hacker. So look at the pick:

She is a hacker, she talked with me a lot of times asking me all the time my pass and of course I didn’t said it to her πŸ™‚ Well do not add her report her and block her, If she send you a friend request don’t accept it! She might hack you!!! And we all know how much we love our dolls πŸ˜‰

Stardoll safety!

Published January 17, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

I know you get this every time you make a stardoll account, but I just needed to go over it, as I can’t stress how importent these rules are. Plus, I will be giving my own tips!

When you are at Stardoll you must NOT:

  • Swear or use sexually graphic terms or make racist remarks
  • Bully other Stardolls or in other ways make them feel uncomfortable
  • Ask other Stardolls for their (or give out your own) password, email addresses or other personal information, including photos
  • Make private deals to trade items, trade/sell/buy accounts nor sell items for more than the Stardoll limit of 500 Stardollars.
  • Type your password anywhere except in the log in box on http://www.stardoll.com, nor change your email into a scam email
  • Break the law at Stardoll or talk others into breaking it
  • Claim you belong to the Stardoll Staff
  • Post links

Stardoll has the right to cancel your membership and close your account with no chance of refund if you violate ONE-STOP-rules.


So, them are the rules. I must be honest, and I have broke a few of them before, I’ve posted links,Β  and even given my password in the days when I was new to stardoll, however I have only been reported and warned by staff once.

I would like to say to also report all people you see braking these rules, but if you do, for the smaller thinks, like posting links and trading, people will be mean to you, calling you a snitch, so I would not tell people when you report them, as the person may start harassing you.

Also, I have some of my own tips:

1. Connect your account to your Facebook account, so if the hacker gets on your account you can log in using FB.

2. Have a long password, with letters, numbers and symbols, like 34jhn%4jo(4%m (don’t use this one, this is a demonstration!) as then, it takes ages for a hacker to remeber it, and guess it.

3. Don’t brag about stardollars and rares, saying stuff like ” OMG I HAVE GOT LOADS OF STARDOLLARS, 950, AND I ALSO HAVE ABOUT 150 DIFFERENT HB’S, DKNY, RARES AND STUFF!” As doing this encorages hackers to try to get on your account,

4. Don’t let people make you superstar, even if it is a code, the person can still use the reference number to get your password.

5.Β  Never give out personal infomation. If you do have a friend in which you would like to tell something you don’t want other to know, use chat! (Do not give passwords, addresses, phone numbers, or any other infomation that comes under this section)


So, I hope you follow my tips, follow these to have a safe stardoll!

Hey :D

Published January 17, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Hey,it smaya here. JustthoughtI’d makea quick post, because I’ve managed to get onto wordpress at school πŸ˜€


Also, be carefull! I got hacked yesterday, even though I didn’t give out my password, I will be making a post with my top tips later, when I get home, as these computers are so slow, and unreliable!

So, byeee πŸ™‚

My friend was hacked

Published January 1, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Her name is x-Mollie

She lost her NCG trophy, it got recycled by the hacker. Today, we are going to get the trophy back,by making Mollie NCG for the UK. It will take less than a minute to click them little five stars, so please,help a girl in need! Tell all your friends, by posting this on chat, in other clubs,everywhere! Also, she is re-decorating her suite after the hacker messed it up, she would appreciate it if you could send her eather a cloud, a sun, or a rainbow. Thanks!

I don’t ask for you to do much on here, so maybe if you could do this?

Hacker Alert

Published July 14, 2011 by Fatima Abdulla


a cheat who took my password, then changed my email and password… if she asks for your password, do. not. give.it. but please dont report her,she didnt do anything to you…yet

annofat.me.star 😦 at least i found a way to get it back…