Hello, and welcome to The Stardoll Bang makeovers!

Our team of artists are: Queenmaya99, Beerox098, stardollsatara and MayapapayaVL

Sign your name below, and one of us will go to your suite and compleatly makeover your doll!

No password needed.

So, for a 100% free makeover, sign below with your stardoll user name!

She didnt have much makeup, so I made her beautiful with assesories, amazing hair, and pink lipstick to bring out the natural glow of  her skin tone.

XOXO Quinn (mayapapayaVL on stardoll)

RainbowLuver1 :


BlueBelPuppy :




This makeover was hard, as she didn’t have much. Although, outlining the eyes, and the cheeks with a pale blusher, made it look so life like and girly!

Hello everyone :)

This are the makeovers for hotserect and funkyfunny:


You didn’t had makeup and because of that I tried to make you beautiful with your accessories :)


Thats the finished look the medoll I did the look on is Cupcake6053! Go visit her suite and vote her 5/5 cause she deserves it and she isn’t even superstar!!! :)

Today we made makeovers on saidy-lady and zuzu149er.


You didn’t had so many things because of that it was little hard to make your doll very beautiful :/


With you it was a bit easier because you had 2 makeups and a lot accessories so I made you like a lady because your style it was defrend I thought to make you more classy :)




It would be better if you change your lips and the shape of your face in my opinion always. Well It took me sometime to find the best things for your doll because of the lips. The lips were been a big problem for me I had so many good ideas for your doll but the lips didn’t let me to make you gorgeous :/


You didn’t had makeup so I made you beautiful with your accessories :D




Hope you liked your makeovers :D













322 comments on “Makeovers!

  • Pls can you do my makeover my name is pololover107 xx 🙂 plssss just visit me and do my beuty parlor then snip it with snipping tool and post it x

  • I will do alla of ya after, because now here is 6:01 the morning and I didn’t slept so I will post the makeovers after oh and Brittney sorry but I will try I suppose I am not and so good at that kind of things but be sure that I will definetadly give you a makeover 😀

    • emm sorry but I made a makeover for you =) if you see all the postes here in this blog you will find one post that it has your makeover in it =) just go to the main page and then go to the older posts and see the postes that are named makeover time or something with makeover ^^ so yeah =)

      • Were you talking to me and my user Riorocks15 or were you talking to someone else cuz I went on my stardoll and I didn’t see any change

      • I was talking to you.. we don’t take passwords and log in to your account and change you there.. we simply visit you makeover you and after take a pick and post it here and then you can see it and if you like it you apply it on your medoll ^^

      • hi there im still waiting for a makeover i hope im not bugging you though remeber user:Riorocks15

  • ok barceonaone is my account you can makeover me but you wont do it better then i do but anyway leave me a message when you’ll be done on my guestbook

  • im putting 4 accounts for you guys to makeover! ok! so here are the usernames cuz I know we don’t have to give passwords! luv_luv_luv_me, kylie7380, niyah111luv, niyah111love if u do all of them thanks!! I will really appreciate it! And they are all nons so if you have to be a superstar or royalty on here then no luck for me!! 😦

  • Can you give me a makeover? I’ve got like so many make-up and clothing that I can’t choose! My username is Bootje1991 (my sister gave her account to me btw so please don’t think i’m 21)

  • – Det er veldig bra, og det er det jeg prøver å bidra til med denne festen.
    Filmene inneholder flere eksempler på hvordan menn opplever at prostatastimulering etter en del trening kan gi betydelig forsterket nytelse og orgasme.
    – Når du er seksuelt tent, kan anal pusting føre erotisk energi fra genitaliene ut
    i hele kroppen.

  • Hi! My stardoll name is Charmerpassa! Plze makeover me! Can I somehow be a staff of this blog? It’s so amazing! I would really like 2 give makeovers! Plz answer me in my guestbook! Thxs so much! Oh! and make me look pretty! LOL ;D Oh and the email i’m using is fake! Sorry but i don’t have a REAL email! lol 😉

  • Okay, even though I’m a superstar, I still want a makeover. My boyfriend said he likes me who I ammmmmm…. butttt, I still want him 2 like me u know…. anywayzz my user is courtneylolz345

  • It’s me Tina910 again I really liked the makeup you did above for everyone cane you also do one for me i will really appreciate it THANKS!!

  • Hi can I plz have a makeover my username is princesspearl13 and I also have another account which is Diamondamylee88. plz can I have a makeover on both accounts? thx 🙂

  • can you do a makeover for my doll too? i have a lot of make up and you can even buy make up if you needed to, my account name is samanthaXangel
    thank you very much 🙂

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