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New Layout

Published February 26, 2011 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Hey guys! Like the new layout!

As you can see,the amazing graphic which used to be our header is now a widget,because we can have headers with this layout.

So,give us your feedback in comments!



New Comp: Make my doll!

Published February 26, 2011 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Prize: 20sd in gifts of money.

You need to

1:  Go to my suite (my user name is Queenmaya99)

2. Go to Beauty Parlor

3.  Make my doll look fantastic,using any hairs, accessories and makeup.

4. Take a screen print,by pressing the prt Scrn button on your keybord

5. Paste to paint,and save as

6. Upload to tinypic/photo bucket

7. Paste the link, with your stardoll name in comments

Comp closes on the 13th March!

-Maya xxx



Published February 23, 2011 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

So,today I am NCG for england! I am so proud! The best thing is,I didn’t spend a penny! I just got voted!

I want more of this to happen,there should be more Non-ss Ncg’s and cg’s!

Thanks for voting me!

In other news

New shop

Like it?


Free Kixx dress

Published February 18, 2011 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

To get it you will need a facebook account

Go to

Log in,and follow them

This might not work,you may need a proxy. (I dont have a fb account,I’m 10 XD)

So,if you’ve tried that and it wont work use a UK proxy,such as

then go to log in and follow them.


Edit: I viseted my suite-and I have it just by viseting the Face book page. Try this is you dont have a FB account!