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Limited Edition!

Published February 26, 2010 by shanzxox

A lot of people didn’t get a message, so here’s the way how to get them without message:
-You have to be a star and you must have enough money.
-You must go to your Inbox.
-The items are limited, so they could be sold out whenyou try to get them. Only 4 things are left.

So go to your inbox and use…
…for the orange dress (125$)
…for the white dress (175$)
…for the top (65$) SOLD OUT!
…for the yellow dress (100$)

You won’t be asked if you really want the item. If you use the code your money will be gone.



Hot Buys Glitch

Published February 25, 2010 by grapejoosx3

There’s a weird glitch, take a look…

This picture was print screened from the March Hotbuys [2010 of course!] but the Abbey Dawn top says 15th February! Weird πŸ˜›

xx, GrapeJoosx3

Free Swimsuit, Hairband, Umbrella & Glitch!

Published February 20, 2010 by grapejoosx3

Hiya πŸ˜€

To get the free swimsuit, hairband and umbrella you have to join the new Harajuku Lovers club!

When you’re at the startpage [The bit with the covergirl and everything] there will come up an advertisment with the club! click on it and join! Once you’ve joined you get the umbrella to get the other things…

There should be a button saying get your free gifts now! Click on it and Β then click back and go to your suite πŸ˜€

If you have any problems then please feel free to say in a comment πŸ˜€


This came up today…

It says -4 starpoints until next reward o_O

xx, GrapeJoosx3