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Sorry I Was Away!

Published August 30, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Hi,Its Maya Here.

Sorry i was away,But,I’m Back Now!

New Stuff:

A new Colection of DOT is Out.

And new Stardoll and the City Tribute store


LE in spoilers!

Wow,Spoilers do take ages to make!

There are also some JCP Teen Spoilers



Camp rock Things

People from the UK click Here and then click Camp rock 2 the final jam contest,and they should be in your suite shop.

If your not from the UK use a proxy such as and then type in the proxy bar,Log in and click The second camp rock 2 banner and they should be in your suite shop.

Free Saterdays Dress

Pictures thanks to TSI

Just go to and enter the comp,the dress should be in your suite!

Also,I am thinking of having a Followers page,where you coment and say your a TSBer with a tinypic of your doll,and every so oftern i will put your doll in a pic surrounded by all the other followers. Good idear or not?  Comment below.

Bye then!




Published August 23, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

With some Insperation from Izzy (from stardoll bang tsb) i have made a new banner!

Like it?.

Its my First try using Gimp,and i coppied the handbag from some old spoilers that never came out!

Like itt?

Free things!

Published August 18, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Go here to get a free guitar and hat in your suite shop. You can buy them for Nothing!There is also a interior for 13sd.

Click Here to get Marmaduke in your suite if you are from the UK. If not use a Uk Proxy such as and go to this link

Go Here to get a Free Camp rock 2 poster. I think its UK only,so if you are not from the UK and the Link wont workuse a UK proxy such as and go to

To get a free Saterdays poster joing the club by going here .

To get a free tee and lip gloss use a manual proxy such as with port 8080 (thanks to tsi)  and  then go to 

To get a free book cover go to and then Log in and you should have it.Whyle your on the Proxy you should also get a free car sent to your suite.

 To get a free teddy Use a Polish proxy server such as: Copy and paste this link into the blank url box Hit go,Log into Stardoll then  Change the link in the proxy server to:

For a Free Mcqueen dress go to,4 and compleat the survay. It should be in your suite in a fue days.

Now ithink we’re all up to date now!

Credit to for all the Pictures.