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Quick Post

Published June 9, 2010 by Maya

This is a really quick post before i go to school.

Its My bday on 13th June!

You may of realised any pics i try and upload dont work,i dont know why they dont work but they just dont,so now i am going to try another way.

I have a blogspot blog called that i recently made,and on that blog I can upload pictures easily so i am going to Post the pics on there first then coppy them to here. So if you do reconise the pics from somewhere else its only my other blog.

I wont do this untill i get Bridgets aproval though.



LE is here and other stuff

Published June 8, 2010 by Maya

Yep,LE is finally here again!

Thanks to USD for the pics.

I really like it this time,i spent around 300sd on one outfit!

Comp time!!!

Desinge your own LE outfit! Draw on a piece of paper your ideal LE outfit,and scan it,and post the final tinypic below in coments,the winner will get 3 Superstar gifts on Monday when i will post the winner!


You can sell old LE and Antidote! Finally!

Thanks to USD for the pics again

So you can now sell your LE and Antidote,and thats good,because the 500sd is the new limit  that you can sell at!

And Finally

Free The Wanted Hoodie.

If you are from the UK go to and enter the comp,if not…….

Go to and type int0 the search bar and enter the comp!

Quick its first 10,000 entries only!


New Stardoll Tv episode and Other Stuff.

Published June 3, 2010 by Maya


There is a new stardoll tv episode that you can watch by going to 

In the episode it says somthing about a brand called Windows of the World coming to starplaza on 10th June.

There is also a Stardoll TV club Click Here to go to it. I have made a poll about the three stv episodes too far,what do you like the best?

On the frount Page of  Stardoll you can see a Banner saying that the Pent house is 40% off! So that must mean its normally going to be about 290 stardollars!

Thanks to underneath stardoll for the pic and info.

The Chanel prices have been moved up on four of the dresses. They were originally 12 stardollars but the prices have now been moved to over 20 stardollars! Thats Unfair!


Yep,you read it corectly! The new Dot is finally here,and so if the fantastic Black Eye Shadow!

Thanks to underneath stardoll for the picture.

Some of the LipSticks are really Wierd! White Lipstick? Lady Gaga Style is coming to stardoll,Again.


Free Barn owl and earrings

Published June 2, 2010 by Maya

For the Owl

Go to and click ‘adopt me’ as normal,no proxy needed at all.(Wow i just saw my what i would twitter on the 4th page!Yay)

For the Earrings

Go to and enter the comp.No proxy needed aswell!

Note:The earrings are the earth earings,so if you alreaddy have them you wont get them again.

Thanks toTSI for the picture