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Makeovers :D

Published January 31, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hello everyone 😀

Today I will make-over 2 gorgeous girls, which are: star_and_moon, VocaloidNX.


You didn’t had anything :/ you had only this accessory that I putted on you and another one :/ Well it doesn’t matter the only thing that it would be good is that if you could change your eyes and your eye browns.


Opposite of the other doll you had many things. It was easy to make you but the hard part was to find you the perfect hair for your doll well I hope you like the hair 😉


Career/Style Studio!

Published January 29, 2012 by eischbaby

So most of you have probably heard of the style studio by now, which is the “careers” tab on your page. It is for stardoll royalty only, and I recently bought it! Its really fun, and its great getting to choose styles for other stardolls.It is a very good feature, helping loads of people to explore new styles of clothing!

This is a picture of my style studio 🙂

xoxo Eischbaby

The Fashion BANG! Round 4

Published January 29, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

So, we’re back again at this point!

The competitors are


What you have to do:

Make a poster/ sceanry about  a global issue.

Needs to include:

1. An outfit made by you about the cause eg. start fires would be a firey outfit, water loss would be a water outfit

2. The Cause name

3.  Your name

4. A me-doll made by you related to the cause (eg. start fires would be a firey me-doll, water loss would be a water me-doll)

5.A short explanation on why you think the cause is important.

6. Pictures about the cause

Here is one I made, but remember it needs much more info, maybe a background, and pictures

Needs to be in by Wednesday 1st February.


Sorry If I didn’t make it clear.

You could do a poster about anything you care for, a charity etc…

Like Global Warming, or Cancer Reasearch!

The Fashion BANG! Round 3 results

Published January 29, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

We have had loads of votes this round,so it is very, very fair.

Unfortunatly, my good friend CJRUSHY is out. So sorry! But remember to enter further competitions on the blog to win prizes!

Here are CJRUSHY’S entries from all rounds

Make a banner for the fashion BANG

Make an outfit with the black dress.

Water Me-doll


Round 4 coming shortly!