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New store: Magic Emporium XD

Published November 22, 2011 by unthinkable4

Today in starplaza, they introduced a new store, Magic Emporium! This store, obviously, is magic themed. Most of the items in this store are for your suite, there are 3 pieces of clothing you can buy. This store is for superstars only, which is a bummer because I would have totally bought some of the items for my suite 🙂 I really love the flying carpet and the frog on the pillow 🙂 Prices range from 3-30sd making this store, pretty cheap.

Here are the 3 floors:

What do you think of this new store? Will you buy anything?


Free items and a new contest :)

Published November 20, 2011 by unthinkable4

Hello people 🙂

Here are some free items and clothes:

1.Go to a Greek proxy like
2.Paste this link in the proxies URL box:

3.Log in stardoll.
4.Answer the questions and enter the contest.
5. exit the proxy and go to stardoll as usual 🙂

1. Go to an Italian proxy like OR
2. Paste this link into the URL box on the proxy

4. Log into Stardoll
5. Fill in the two boxes with anything
6. Click Enter Competition button
7. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual.
The scarf should be in a Starplaza box in your suite. 🙂



This contest is all about MAKEUP! Each week i will give you a name of a celebrity and you have to either have to do a makeup look, or create an outfit that they would wear. The whole point of this contest is similarities, so you will need to have your reference picture beside the picture that you submit.

Here is an example:

If i gave you Nicki Minaj…

This weeks Celeb is…


Selena Gomez makeup look

Published November 19, 2011 by eischbaby

Heyy! It’s Eischbaby. I decided to show you how to get this Selena Gomez inspired makeup for your medoll! I know that they aren’t exactly the same, but they are similar.Of course, you can see my hair on my medoll behind the wig, so if you do try this makeup look you might want to find a short hairstyle. Tell me what you think and if you tryed this on your medoll, comment in my guestbook! I would love you see how it looks 🙂 My Stardoll name is Eischbaby.

Also; the picture of Selena Gomez is not mine, nor does it belong to me. The link is at the bottom of the page.

New StarDesign Jewelry :)

Published November 17, 2011 by unthinkable4

Hello 🙂 You can now make your own jewelry! Just go to to your page and `Design and sell`and click the new `StarDesign Jewelry`.

Here are some pictures if you are curious:

You can choose between designing different types of sunglasses, necklasses and earings. Once you have choosen one of these three, you can choose the colour and fabric of the item. You can then choose between 3 pages of awesome little decals to add to your new item. For 1sd you get 5 charms. That money is then added onto the original cost of the item. I think this is a VERY reasonable price and is great if you just can`t find those perfect accessories 😛

What do you think? have you designed anything yet?

I would like to start a new contest soon so please let me know some of your ideas 🙂

Free ProMicrophone Clothes :)

Published November 12, 2011 by unthinkable4

Here is an AMAZING free outfit:

here is what you have to do:

1. Go to a UK proxy like
2. Paste this link into the proxies search box:
3.Once the page loads, Log into Stardoll
4. Now, you have to fill in the form with a VALID email. (eg.
5.Now leave the proxy and go to stardoll as usual.

Good luck 🙂