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Play and Earn is Limited?

Published January 31, 2010 by grapejoosx3

Hey guys! I know this is kinda old but I realised something….

It says earn up to 50 stardollars per month…

I added it all up  and look  at the results…

before all of the 1sd in your purse, spend 5 on the day thing it was like this…

5 x 30 [average month] = 150stardollars per month if you did play & earn everyday!

and now we have a limit!


we can only do play & earn 10 days a month!!

Which also means that we get 10sd in our purses and…

[if all of our play and earn winnings[4sd] were able to be spent on the last day of the month] 40stardollars to spend in one day!!

It is quite a lot but what would you want? 150 stardollars or 50stardollars?

Wait…. we got cut down by 100stardollars!! Stardoll, really?

Oh well that’s enough maths for one day! Great more tomorrow, I hate school!

xx, GrapeJoosx3


Another day, another coverboy

Published January 31, 2010 by Heathergm

today there was a boy on the front page of stardoll magazine again. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, it is actually quite cool. Who will it be tommorrow i wonder???…..

Which brings me to my next topic, the stardoll insiders ( is having  an “experiment” to see how many votes it takes  to become covergirl/boy. They have made a basic account, all they ask for you to do is vote it 5/5 and sign the accounts guestbook… plus you could win a prise! for more info on what to do here is the link:

please comment,

miz-fashion xx

Starpoint Hair-Styles

Published January 30, 2010 by shanzxox

Which is your favourite hair?

I absoloutley LOVE the one for 4000 starpoints, the long straight one. High Side pony-tail And the curly High-bunches. And pretty much all of the ones up from there.

What about you guys?

(PS: One the front page where you sign in, In the suite there are some dolls. The hair that they have. Can you acually get them? I have never seen them around stardoll. Have you?)