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Play and Earn is Limited?

Published January 31, 2010 by grapejoosx3

Hey guys! I know this is kinda old but I realised something….

It says earn up to 50 stardollars per month…

I added it all up  and look  at the results…

before all of the 1sd in your purse, spend 5 on the day thing it was like this…

5 x 30 [average month] = 150stardollars per month if you did play & earn everyday!

and now we have a limit!


we can only do play & earn 10 days a month!!

Which also means that we get 10sd in our purses and…

[if all of our play and earn winnings[4sd] were able to be spent on the last day of the month] 40stardollars to spend in one day!!

It is quite a lot but what would you want? 150 stardollars or 50stardollars?

Wait…. we got cut down by 100stardollars!! Stardoll, really?

Oh well that’s enough maths for one day! Great more tomorrow, I hate school!

xx, GrapeJoosx3


More Spoilers!!!

Published January 31, 2010 by grapejoosx3

Heya! I’m here with MORE spoilers!!!!

I put the blog’s name over it incase of any people who are going to copy XD

Wait there’s more!!

xx, GrapeJoosx3

Another day, another coverboy

Published January 31, 2010 by Heathergm

today there was a boy on the front page of stardoll magazine again. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, it is actually quite cool. Who will it be tommorrow i wonder???…..

Which brings me to my next topic, the stardoll insiders ( is having  an “experiment” to see how many votes it takes  to become covergirl/boy. They have made a basic account, all they ask for you to do is vote it 5/5 and sign the accounts guestbook… plus you could win a prise! for more info on what to do here is the link:

please comment,

miz-fashion xx

Starpoint Hair-Styles

Published January 30, 2010 by shanzxox

Which is your favourite hair?

I absoloutley LOVE the one for 4000 starpoints, the long straight one. High Side pony-tail And the curly High-bunches. And pretty much all of the ones up from there.

What about you guys?

(PS: One the front page where you sign in, In the suite there are some dolls. The hair that they have. Can you acually get them? I have never seen them around stardoll. Have you?)