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Free stuff!

Published May 22, 2010 by Maya




New … ;D

Published May 20, 2010 by shanzxox

So, As Well As 6O Million Members [! Whoo !] There Are Also New Dolls To Choose From When You Join Stardoll.

[And Sorry About The Quality Of The Photo, I Don’t Know What’s Wronq]

Just How Bazaar Are You?

Published May 18, 2010 by shanzxox

Seems Borinq?

You’re Less Likley To Get Scammed.


Because Now The Maximum Price For Sellinq On Your Starbazaar Has Gone Up To 5OO Stardollars!

Now Hopefully People Won’t Get Scammed As Often ;]


Lots of things (yes again!)

Published May 17, 2010 by Maya

1.There is another simple gift,Full credit to underneath stadoll.

To get it you need to.

1.Log in to stardoll

2.Go onto the My Account Page.

3.Click Account settings,There you will ifnd your User ID.

4.Go to and after the = put your user id (no space) and hit enter.

5.You will find yourself on the simple website,now fill in detales,they can be fake if you want.

6.Click submit,and then go to your suite after it goes to the other page (if it makes you fill in more detales,fill them in)

7.Go to your suite,and you should have them.

Elle Is leaving ūüė¶

Yes,Another real brand is leaving.

Thanks to underneath stardoll for the picture.

Its all 50% off.

And Miss Sixty spoilers.

At least we know Miss Sixty  will be staying!

Thanks to underneath stardoll for all the pictures and the info.


I am Incredibly Sorry!!

Published May 15, 2010 by jennifermae

Hey Guys!

Sorry I have been Awol :S

It’s just that I have been busy! I promise to write more, I am terribly Sorry! But I have been reading the latest Updates, there are some really cute clothes out at the moment and Pretty Underwater Stuff, I think they call it Cool Liquid or something but it has really cute dresses and clothes!

By the Way, in my next post I will have a new Sigature, my official nickname is Kawaii Princess, because I love Kawaii, so it will be different with Kawaii bits on it! [:

– Amy xoxo