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Free Poster And Dress.

Published August 4, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

There is a new poster and dress,which we can all acsess thanks to Underneath Stardoll.

If you are from the US you will get the Poster by just logging in to stardoll,for the dress go to and enter the comp.

If you are not from the US use a US Proxy,such as and type in
 Log in (dont click remember me,as Proxys can hack)  and enter the Comp,If it dousnt work type in the Proxy erl bar .

Then close the window and log in to stardoll as normal,they will be in your suite.

Also there is a new endangered animal,just go to the normal animal page and click adopt me.

I am also thinking of doing a Interview with someone,post in Queenmaya99s gb if intrested.


March Interview Girl:Valerie

Published March 31, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

I was thinking a lot about who will be March’s Interview Girl, and I think that she is the best choice! V., also knows as Valerie the writer(and the administrator) for The Stardoll Insiders.

B: Hello V! How are you?
V:I’m good thank you for asking! Hope you are doing good aswell!

B:What inspires you in fashion? Where do you get your ideas?
V:In fashion I usually just try things out. If it works: it works, if it doesn’t: try again xP In Stardoll it’s easy to try out different things over and under each other. Layering is the only option on Stardoll to create an original and unique outfit and still everyone can do it.
In real life I must say I don’t buy any fashion magazines. I don’t know if that makes me an exception, but I usually don’t have time to read magazines. My main fashion updates come from the media in general and.. yes, Stardoll xP Stardoll does a great job at copying great designers! 😛 In the mornings I usually have little time and I mostly have the feeling I have nothing in my closet to put on (If only my Stardoll closet was real!), so it always takes several minutes until I picked something out 😛 The outfit depends a lot on my mood… casual, chic, girly or something that goes with flats when I have to work xP So maybe I can say my mood is my main source for ideas?!

B:Do you have a fashion icon?
V:I don’t really have one certain fashion icon. Everyone has his or her own style! The world would be boring otherwise. 😛 I like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy as timeless classics and maybe Lady Gaga, but only for her guts (although it’s also her way to get attention and stay in the media!). Apart from that I don’t spend my time following celebrities’ outfits xP

B:Who is your favourite fashion designer? And why?
V:I must say I like designers like Elie Saab, Chanel, Zac Posen, Lanvin, and many more. But I can’t afford any of them 😛 Although they have an influence on what ends up in the more affordable shops 🙂 When shopping I just buy what I like. I definitely don’t like everything from one brand to call it my favourite. It just has to look good on you when you try it on and you should feel good in it! 😛 Expensive or cheap, brand or no brand.

B:What do you have planned for the future? Maybe another awesome blog or…?
V: Lol, no, no other blog! One is enough 😛 I don’t have any concrete plans when it comes to Stardoll or the blog. In real life my studies are coming to an end, so I’ll be starting a new chapter in life. xP I’m curious myself where I’ll be in a few months! Scary and exciting at the same time. 😛

B:It’s been great talking to you! Any last words for your fans and our readers?
V:Your welcome! Good luck with the magazine! And last words? Just stay yourself 🙂
All the best to everyone!

Interview Girl of the Month: F0BROX

Published January 17, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Brigitte: Hello F0BROX and welcome to StardollBang! How do you feel knowing that a lot of girls are wearing your great design?

F0BROX: Oh, I think it is great and so many have told me “Thanks you for bringing such a great design into the Starplaza, I am so delighted!”

Brigitte: What/Who is your biggest inspiration in life? And in Stardoll?

F0BROX: I never had a person inspire my dress, but the person I inspired by very much is Marshall Mathers, in his song he says, You can do anything you set your mind to, and that just made me think of all I could do!

Brigitte: Did you expected that you will win the Design Contest?

F0BROX: Actually, I didn’t think I would, I just wanted to join for the heck of it, but I found out that I had a great talent!

Brigitte: Your Stardoll style is great. Your real life style is the same?

F0BROX: To be quite honest, I just wear Abercromie, Hollister t’s most of the time with some cute jeans and my walibies, I can be trendy when I want to though.

Brigitte: Talking about real life, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

F0BROX: I am still not sure, I would like to do many things, I want to be known,famous, but I don’t understand how I can, I would like to be a photographer, I am 13 and very great at it, but I know that wouldnt get me money to raise a family and myself, so if I could do more that one thing, it would have to be, Modeling, Photography and desiging!

Brigitte: How long does it took you to make your winner design?

F0BROX: I don’t quite remember, but I think about, well, I really don’t know but it was under an hour.

Brigitte: What you cannot live without?

F0BROX: Make-up, family and friends. (stardoll:)

Brigitte: What do you wish for the future?

F0BROX: What ever God sets me to do, I am a proud Christian!

Brigitte: It was great talking to you! Any last words?

F0BROX: Thank you also for giving me this wonderful oppertunity of an interview, it was great talking with you, too!

This or That:
Real Design or Stardoll Design:
Stardoll Party or Guestbook Party: Stardoll Party!
Gucci or Prada: Gucci for sure!
Fallen Angel or Bisou: Bisou!
DNKY or Elizabeth&James:  DKNY, quite lovely.
Marc Jacobs or Alexander McQueen: Oh, this is a hard one, Id say, Marc Jacobs.
Lady Gaga or Rihanna: Lady Gaga all this WAY!!!!!!

November’s Interview: …Electra….

Published November 10, 2009 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)


B:Hey Electra and welcome to The Stardoll Bang! Your MeDoll looks great! What’s your style?
E: Thank you very much! I don’t have a specific style, to be honest. If I see something that I really like it, I’ll buy it and try to work it out using accessories.
B:I saw that your a writer of 5 blogs! How can you do this? Is a hard job?
E: When I visit a stardoll blog that I like, I apply for the writer’s job. It’s quite hard to be active in all of them, though, so I sometimes have to post the same things in all of my blogs!
B:What/Who insipires you most?
E: Many things are inspiring to me. A song, a movie, a quote, a color… It’s complicated.
B:What’s your fave Stardoll brand and why?
E: Kohl’s. I love the clothes, especially Abbey Dawn. It’s a pity we don’t have a Kohl’s store in Greece, because I’m totally in love with them =D


B:Why would you like to be a CoverGirl?
E: Every girl here wants to be a Covergirl, right? Yes, I’d love to be one but we all know what some people do. Raffles and 600 fake accounts to vote themselfs. No, I’m not that desperate.
B:You became famous with your scenery, “Blood is on the dancefloor”, with those gorgeous hands! Why did you chose this title?
E: When I made this scenery, it was Michael Jackson’s birthday. I used to be a fan of him, so I made a scenery inspired by one of his songs, ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’ :]
B:What have you got planned on the future?
E: When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer. It’s just a dream but I already have designed some clothes and they’re pretty good!
B:It’s been awesome talking to you! Any last words?
E: Yes! Electra is here and will rock your world! ;D
This or That: That
Stardoll or I-dressup: Stardoll
Chanel or Gucci: Chanel
UK or Usa: UK(L)
Hamburger or Cheeseburger: Hamburger
Black or White: Black