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Hot buys Dress Comp!

Published March 20, 2011 by mursal12345

Here is a brand new comp! Every time we have new Hot-Buys arriving in starplaza I will make a new comp for it! Now if you are a superstar and have the dress post it,and the outfit in the comments via Tinypic.Not a superstar/Dont want to buy it?  Go to the shop, put it on and make an outfit out of it there instead and post in comments via tinypic. Don’t know how to make one? Go here:

PRIZES: 1st place for SS: 5sd (Sell something useless to me)

2nd Place ss: Gift worth 4sd

1ST place non-ss: Gift

2nd place Non-ss: Gift worth 4sd

You havetim  until next Sunday.Good luck!



Published April 6, 2010 by Maya

This is a quiz.Some of the questions may be about stardoll and some may be just about anything.

So lets start.

1.Whats Miz-fashion’s most popular club?

2.Name the three colours on the irish flag?

3.Who is the newest writer on the stardoll bang?

4.which country gifted the statue of liberty to america?

5.What is the most deadliest spider in the world?

6.Who won sceanry on 6th April 2010?

7.Whos the president of the USA in 2010

Ok the first person to get all of them right wins a ss gift of there choise