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Sale in starplaza!

Published August 3, 2012 by beerox098/Bree x

Hey stardollies!

Im baack! 😀

Just a little post to tell you that Tingeling, Riviera and Glow are on SALE! 50% off! So get in quick before this sale ends!


Happy shopping,

Bree/beerox098 x


New app for Stardoll!

Published May 11, 2012 by beerox098/Bree x

Hi Stardollies! I found this today, I’m not too sure how old it is but yeah!
Stardoll has put out a new app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Its called Stardoll access! You can do the basics from! Here are some screen shots :3




Available fron the app store(:
-Bree beerox098 x

Bling Bling In starplazza deco!

Published April 13, 2012 by beerox098/Bree x

Hey Stardoliies!

Sorry so long, no post- Ive been away, its the holidays here in NZ! 🙂

In starplaza, there is a new decor shop! Its Bling Bling! I think that Stardoll may be moving all the suite shop shops into starplaza? What do you think? ♥


What do you think?

-Bree beerox098 ♥x

Btw: Sorry for just the ‘new items’ view :L ♥ xx
Btdw: I didnt realise there was the extra part up the top :l, Sorry! x

Hi stardollies!

Published March 16, 2012 by beerox098/Bree x

Hey stardollies ;D
Very sorry for not posting for aaagggeeeessssss!!! Ive been on but really, i havnt have time to post between the small amount of time im on theese days- Homework, Dance, Sport ect. But i promise you- i am going to start with making step – by – step tuirtals and outfits! ( non ss & ss) !
Looking foward to do this as soon as i get back from auckland- im going to see Taylor Swift! And im on my ipod now :L
Love y’all!! 😀 hehe
-Bree/beerox098 x