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Free guitar and Piano

Published March 17, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

First, go to an American proxy such as  or

Type in the Proxy box

Click enter, and log into stardoll normally.

Then, in the proxy box paste

At this point you will have the guitar.

If you want the piano, scroll down to this

And click anyone you want.

You will then have the Piano.

Log out and exit the proxy, and you will have them in your suite.



Free dress!

Published March 16, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hello guys ;D

There is a free dress which you can take with this steps bellow BUT you can take it ONLY with proxy server sorry =(

well this are the steps:

First put this manual proxy:
HTTP: PORT: 8080
After when you putted go to this link here, Log in, make a scenery and when you make it then pres the save button.
All thanks to Official Stardoll =)

Free 5 stardollars!

Published March 16, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

New offer from stardoll! All you need to do is to subscibe to their youtube channel, then write your name in a… box!

First, you need a youtube account. If you haven’t got one, make one here

Then, once you have an account, click here and then press the subscribe button

Once you’ve clicked subscribe, log into stardoll normally, and then paste this in your url bar

Type in your youtube user name at the box at the bottem

Then, press verify subsciption, and this should appear

The stardollars will be in your account!


Free green tank top

Published March 14, 2012 by stardollsatara
~If you are from Portugal- Log in, go HERE and complete the quiz. If you are not from Portugal follow this steps:
first go to a Portuguese proxy like this one After past this contest link into the blank box of the proxy site Hit enter and log in. Complete the quiz with random answers and after click the button Enter Competition. Now you can leave the proxy and go to your stardoll account as usual =)

Free stuff!

Published March 10, 2012 by stardollsatara

Hello guys ;D

pick HTGF!

-If you live in USA/Canada/Australia Log in and Enter THIS contest.If you are NOT from USA/Canada/Australia than follow this steps 😉 Go to a proxy like this ones or or til page loads and after that put this link bellow in the blank box in the proxy site:

Hit enter and Log in =) Choose a random photo and after click the enter competition button.

You can now leave the proxy and go to your stardoll account as usual =) The shoes will be in your suite =)

Free 50 starcoins!

~If you are from USA- Log in, click HERE and complete the survey.If you are NOT from USA than follow this steps 😉 Fist go to a proxy like OR OR OR Past this link bellow into the blank box of the proxy site: Hit enter and Log in =) Now you have to past this link into the upper box of the proxy site Hit enter  and wait til page loads. When it loads then you have to click this picture to begin the survey (click the pick which is in the proxysite NOT this one)

pick HTGF!
Now answer the questions that they are asking you and when you will be in the question 14 than type anything until the submit button show up 😉
pick HTGF!
Once you clicked on the submit button you will see one picture which says that they will add the 50sc immediately in your stardoll account =)
pick HTGF!
You can finally leave the proxy and go to your stardoll account as usual and you will see that you will have the 50sc and if you don’t then refresh the page or log out and log in again ;D