Story time- Lights

Published June 7, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

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The long hour past as I sat daydreaming throughout. All it was was listening, about how important it is to be safe, turns out that a year 7 boy, Danny Prideax chopped his thumb off last week due too ‘Being Unsafe and Silly’ while using a saw. Stupid boy.

Finally, the bell rings, and I dart off out of the classroom before Mrs Barrymore can even start to say “The bell is for me, not you”. Because, let me let you in on a secret… I have a date!

I’ve never met him before- or even seen him. Yeah, we’ve gone on Video chat on facebook, and told eachother about how we’d be the hottest couple in the UK, but never met eachother. Thats why todays such a big day. He’s getting the train down to my town straight after his school finishes today! I can’t wait to meet him! Oh, his names Josh, by the way! He’s 13, just like me, and loves Eastenders, Playing guitar, and singing!

I rush home to get ready. I put on my brand new dress that I brought from Topshop yesterday, carefully put on my makeup, do my hair, and I look like a totally different person. To top the outfit, I place my faveouit denim jacket carefully on top. I must admit, I look amazing!.

I’m not telling my Mum where I’m going. She’d get mad, its all about internet safety these days. But I’ve seen Josh on webcam, I practically know him! It will be okay! As far as she knows, I’m going to Louisa’s house to revise for a test, and then watch a movie. Thats why I need my scruffy old jumper to cover up my glam look!




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