Story time.

Published June 6, 2012 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

I’ve always wanted to write, therefore I am going to write a few paragraphs of a story of mine every day, for you to read, and hopefully enjoy! This will be all my own work, so please may you not copy it, or steal anything! If you enjoy it, please tell me via comments!

Its called Lights.

My nerdy friends love to suck up to teachers- especially the music teacher, Mrs. Almore. That’s  why I’m here today, at school choir, wasting my lunch time with some cheesy song that we’re learning for our end of year performance. All I can hear are these stupid nerds singing through their nose, putting passion and   exaggeration into their performance. My brains cursing my friends into making me sit through this hell.
Although I can’t say anything. I am the nerdiest, geekiest, uncoolest of the lot, according to everyone else. My hairs always in a bird’s nest on top of my head, my test papers never say lover that 95%, and I’ve always got my hand up.

My reputation is terrible.

I’ve had it since I started school, I’ve always been a quick learner. I could spell words before others could even pronounce them, and I knew 12 X 12 while others were learning 1 + 1.
I wish I could change my reputation now, because I’ve grown maturer, more stylish and I am much more social. But for someone like me, others opinions will never change.

“Willow” My friend, Louisa tapped on my shoulder. “Seriously, come on, pay attention!”
And that was the rest of my lunch time, continusly getting told off my my best mate for daydreaming, while singing about “Thanking my life”. Why should I thank my life- its so awful!
Finally, the bell rang, and I raced down to my lesson. No point though- it was DT. Why have a lesson that doesn’t involve anythinking or brain work, and just drawing and hammering nails? I can’t get one in straigh for my life- in the end I just get a teacher to do it, behind Mrs. Barrymore’s back. She hates giving people help, I asked her back in year 7, and she had a right go at me.




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  • theres a app on the ipod/iphone etc, for a site called wattpad. you can post your stories, and read others there. Its really good!

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