Free Jackets and Dresses

Published August 12, 2011 by Fatima Abdulla

Free Fur Jacket

Go to

Put in the proxy bar and hit enter
Log in stardoll and put in the proxy bar.

no need to login facebook, just leave the proxy and the jacket will be in your suite



Free Monster High Jacket


1)Go to UK proxy like


2)Put int he proxy url and hit enter


Login stardoll and paste thr following link in the proxy url bar:

6)You will be redirected to a blank page,


The Jacket should be in your suite


Free Frock

           i.        Go to

         ii.        Put in the proxy url bar.

      iii.        Hit Enter and Login

       iv.        Change view to finish and wait till the page loads

         v.        The dress will be in your suite



Free Dress

           i.        Go to and login

         ii.        Put in the internet url bar and hit enter.

      iii.        You will be redirected, just go back to stardoll and the dress will be in your suite.




6 comments on “Free Jackets and Dresses

    • Allou dorean pragmata exei kai se alla blogs apla ta dorean pragmata dn bgenoun kathe mera ta stardoll ta stelni se alles xores kai etsi esei ta pernis me to na xrisimopiis proxy alla to na thes polla dorean rouxa tote prepei na perimenis na bgenoun ki olas gia na ta pernis. iparxoun ekatomiria alla blogs pou kanoun tin idia doulia alla kalitero apo afto dn tha bris 😉

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