Mroarpoc Week 2!

Published March 27, 2011 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Hey! Welcome to Mroarpoc,other wise known as Maya’s Rant on a random piece of clothing.

This week its…

Why I like it:

I really like the way the coats shaped,and the way its so detailed.I also love the colour,because its so shaded and detailed and the collar and sleeves.

Why I dislike it:

I don’t really dislike anything on the jacket,I love it,but I don’t like the price,I would pay 8sd for it if I had to give a price,and I don’t like it being superstar,as I think a Denim jacket is a essentual.

How to use it!

By going for the floral boho look. Use a pretty,but not to bold floral dress,a Light summery hair colour and some shoes,not to really be noticed.

How to Lose it.

Lol,I had fun making this x]

By using a bold long sleeve top,BIG trousers,and some heels,standing out,not a thing to do with the outfit! And never forget the dark hair!

So,will you be buying this Jacket after reading?





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