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Published March 28, 2010 by Maya

Club amydimond has 383,887 members but is not in the top  6 most popular clubs when it should be the second most popular.It was cos its a celeb made club with a free gift

Also AnimalLovers and Rhianna have been deleated

And Popular clubs is in the wrong order!

Fashion club=501,853


Original CLub=249,616 that should be forth

SuperStar=302,782 that should be third



From ♥M♥a♥y♥a♥


Huge Party!

Published March 27, 2010 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)

Hello readers, fans, stardollian etc. I am throwing a HUGE party tomorrow(28 of March) in my guestbook, at 6 PM(UK hour).  The theme will be:crazy&GaGa stuff. EVERYONE IS INVITED! No dress code needed!
See you there!

xoxo, Bridget(brigi_brigitte from Stardoll)

LE Closed

Published March 26, 2010 by jennifermae


It’s Amy here! Sorry, I have no time to post my Picture, but I Saw LE has been closed for renovation!

When do you think it’s out? Tommorow? Tommorow night? Lets hope we don’t miss it!

Amy x


Published March 26, 2010 by jennifermae

Hey Everyone!

I am actually quite tight with some of the writers on TSi, so I managed to find a way of getting spoilers, I’m not allowed to share HOW to get them with you, but I CAN share the actual Spoilers!

So everyone is Crazing about LE right? But as I was browsing Spoilers, I found these beautiful iconic peices of Fashion that we like to call, The next LE!

To see the Full image go to:

Thanks for reading! Please do comment! Why not tell us what you like best or what you dont like! What do you think they could have done better?

Amy x

Hey! I’m a new writer!

Published March 26, 2010 by jennifermae
My Signature

My signature


I am a new writer here! I will be posting a lot more and I hope people will like my ideas and Posts!

To introduce myself, I’m Amy! Not hard to remember, a lot of people do remember my name, because it’s Easy! Haha!

On stardoll I collect Hotbuys and I know how to get spoilers, so you will see a lot of spoilers from me! 🙂

Also, thank you to all those people who came to my party in my Guestbook! 🙂

Amy x