Non Ss Fashion Outfits

Published September 14, 2009 by The Stardoll Bang(TSB)


Nina Ricci:

Just for 25sd!With:

1. Pretty In Pink Everyday Vest-5sd

2. Decades Striped Top w/Belt-5sd

3.  Stardoll Stardoll Jeans-3sd

4.  Bisou Strapped Heels-4sd

5.  Rio Black Gloves-4sd

6.Bisou Checked Clutch Purse-4sd

Gucci Resort 2010


5 Play&Earn Days!

1.  Stardoll Olsen Twins Leather Jacket-6sd

2.  Stardoll Basic Tank Top-4sd

3. Stardoll necklace-1sd

4. Archive Ola Shorts-4sd

5. Bisou Shopping Sport Bag-5sd

6. Rio Cut-Out Platform Shoes-5sd


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